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Be a #BellaOriginal Foundation Inc. is about being sassy, spunky, bold, brash, geeky, nerdy, silly but most of all YOURSELF.

In Italian, Bella means "Beautiful". Our page, Be a BellaOriginal Foundation Inc reminds each person that they are a beautiful, unique, original human being. Society tries to tell children (and adults) that they must conform and "fit into" what society considers its norms.

Through fundraising, Be a #BellaOriginal Foundation Inc will be hosting events for pre-teens/teens/young adults on self-worth and anti-bullying. We will secure some amazing speakers and volunteers to help organize and put on these events.

Click on our Merchandise link to purchase #BellaOriginal merchandise to help us raise money for the foundation! Many great gift items.



What is bullying? NoBullying.com from NoBullying.com
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